The decade began with the discovery of a serial killer in our midst in 1991.  Jeffrey Dahmer became one of our nations most prolific
serial killers having taken the lives of 17 young men.  Summers were met with thousands of abortion protesters descending on our city
blocking clinics and often causing damage.  Crack hit Milwaukee with a fury never seen here before.  Murders skyrocketed as inner city
dope dealers battled for turf.   Milwaukee officers did their best battling these low-lifes and keeping our streets safe.  
Officers spent hours hauling away thousands of abortion protesters at sites
throughout the city.
Protesters rush a clinic on Wisconsin Avenue.  Children were often used
during these protests.
September 7, 1994  While on patrol in a
paddy wagon on Milwaukee's north side,
P.O. William Robertson was shot and killed
by a sniper.
November 18, 1990  Police scour the alley where Sgt. Micheal Tourmo was found shot to death
after a footchase with a burglary suspect.  This was my first day off of field training.  I'm the one in
the hat facing the camera.
1999  Officers gather at the scene of a
1994  District Seven Late  Shift officers gather outside of Serb Hall after the funeral of P.O. Michael Niehoff.
1999  Circus Parade duty in Downtown Milwaukee.
1992  Officers prepare to arrest abortion protesters outside of a clinic.
1997  Police Officer Michael Tondu comforts a little girl after a fire
destroys her home.
1992  Mass arrests at a downtown protest.