1966  Father James Groppi was a vocal civil rights
leader in Milwaukee during the 1960's.  In this photo
he sits in the back of a paddy wagon.
1967  Police clash with civil rights protesters and members of the NAACP Commandos
during the open housing marches of 1967.
1967  Located at 1316 North Fifteenth Street, the "Freedom House" was
a gathering place for civil rights activists in the 1960's.  Teargas set it
ablaze on August 29, 1967.  Police were blamed and two officers stand
by for the worst.
The 1960's were full of turmoil across the country.  War, assassinations, and rioting threw Milwaukee Police Officers in the middle of
violent clashes as battle erupted on the streets.  Open housing marches went on for 200 nights in a row.  Anti-war protesters on
Milwaukee's east side clashed with officers at Water Tower Park and Brady Street.  Riots tore at the inner-city neighborhoods.  During all
of this MPD officers did their best to prevail and keep the peace.
1967  Open housing marchers enter the south side under police guard.
March 1967  Inspection at a cold winter roll call.   Photo courtesy of the Milwaukee Police
Historical Society  
Officers render aid to a accident victim.   Photo courtesy of the Milwaukee
Police Historical Society  
Officer looks for help dealing with an injured person.   Photo courtesy
of the Milwaukee Police Historical Society  
1968  Officers struggle with NAACP protesters outside of the Eagles Club
located at 2401 W. Wisconsin Ave.
1965  An officer watches over a segregation protest.
September 1967  Father James Groppi is hauled off to jail again during
an open housing march.
October 1962  Typical media coverage
of officer involved shootings in the early
1960's.  Photos and home addresses of
the officers were included in the story.
October 1967  Officers struggle to arrest a priest during a
open housing march.
October 1967  A protester is escorted to a wagon after being arrested.
December 1967  More battles on the street as protesters fight with
officers on 3rd and Wisconsin.
December 1967  A Sergeant and a motorcycle cop are attacked in the
street by an angry mob.
1968  A patrolman scuffles with a UW-Milwaukee student during a
campus protest of Dow Chemical.
1967  Officers make an arrest during the tense days
after the riots.
1966  On patrol at the Milwaukee County Zoo.
1967  In the days after the riots Tensions remained high.  Officers
worked 12 hour shifts and responded with helmets and shotguns to
many assignments.
1967  Officers struggle with protesters inside of the
clerks office at City Hall.
1965  A flier distributed advertising a march against police brutality.
1962  A Patrolman salutes a fallen comrade.
1960  Police investigate a mob hit on the west end of District Seven.
1961  Officers attend to an injured child.
1967  Officers struggle with an open housing
1960  A Patrolman removes the body of a shooting
1967  Police fire teargas at south-side open housing protesters.
1967  Police move in on protesters outside of the burned-out Freedom House.
1967  A protester expresses displeasure with local law enforcement.
1967  An open housing protester goes to jail after
throwing a bottle at police.
1961  A patrolman cradles an injured boy in this famous  
Photo courtesy of the Milwaukee Police Historical Society
1963  A patrolman swings traffic at a fire scene on a cold Milwaukee Night.  Photo courtesy of the
Milwaukee Police Historical Society
1967  An interior shot of a 1967 patrol car.  Photo courtesy of the
Milwaukee Police Historical Society
1960  Front and rear views of a January accident between two
squads on North Nineth Street.  
Photo courtesy of the Milwaukee Police Historical Society
A couple more squad pile ups in the 1960's.  (Photos courtesy of the Milwaukee Police
Historical Society)
1968  Officers prepare to deal with Dow Chemical protesters at
1967  I know it was taken in September 1967, in the front lobby of the Mayor's
Office.  A group of protesters demanded to see the Mayor.  When he refused,
they refused to leave.  The police were called to clear the lobby.  After asking,
then ordering the protesters to leave, the protesters began sitting down.  The
photo was snapped as the first officer began to pick up the first seated
protester.  My Dad, Ray Wesolowski, was behind that officer.  My Dad is the
one wearing the non-standard riot helmet.  He said it was quite a brawl.  The
young man with the heavy glass ash tray launched it when the melee started,
striking the officer next to my Dad in the helmet.  Despite the helmet, the officer
received a mild concussion.  
During the brawl, my Dad lost one of his uniform shoes.  Heavy, soft soled
lace up oxfords as I recall.  He was really mad about that, as he thought he
would find it lying on the floor when the room was finally cleared.  But it was
apparent that on of the protesters stole it.  He had to walk back to his squad
with one shoe, and obtain a new pair.
(Photo and caption courtesy of Sgt. Dan Wesolowski)
1965  Protesters are carried to an awaiting wagon during a protest of
segregation by busing of African American students.
1965  Raw video(no sound) of the arrests of protesters pictured
to the left.
1967  An officer gaurds marchers as they head to Milwaukee's South Side
during a Open Housing March.
August 1967  Raw 16mm video(no sound) of officers during the
Open Housing Marches on Milwaukee's South Side.
1967  South Side protesters square off with officers at Kosciuszko Park.
1966  Robbery investigation outside of a Vliet
Street bank.
1963  Patrolman Donald Pinsker poses for a
photo outside of his home.
Photo courtesy of Ptlm. Donald
1962  Dreaded parade duty.
1969  A protester is removed from UWM.
1966  Scenes from the UAW strike.
Officers working security gather at the side of the stage in
the Milwaukee Arena during a September 4, 1964 concert
by the Beatles.
(Photos courtesy of the Milwaukee Police Historical Society)
1961  A traffic Post Officer puts a crime prevention tip on a
parking meter.
(Photos courtesy of the Milwaukee Police Historical Society)
1969 Patrolmen monitor striking brewery workers. (Photos courtesy of the
Milwaukee Police Historical Society)
1966  An old Milwaukee Police wagon passes by a current officer during
Milwaukee's Great Circus Parade.
1960  Protester gets dragged through a broken display window.
1968  A protester is removed from a the Milwaukee Auditorium where
presidential candidate George Wallace was speaking.
1966  Police investigate the discovery of a murder victim in a north side
1967  Officers intervene when a fight breaks out during an open housing
1967  A marcher taunts a patrolman.
1967  Officers battle during an open housing march.
1967  Another scuffle during a housing march.
1967  Tear gas hanging in the air and broken glass littering the street are
all that remains of another open housing march on South 16th Street.
1967  The injured pile up as fights break out during a housing march.
1968  Milwaukee Police Sgt. Felmers Chaney (left) and  partners, patrol
the streets near N. 3rd St. and W. Meinecke Ave.  Chaney was
instrumental in breaking up a band of youths near the area.  Chaney was
the first black sergeant on the Milwaukee Police Department.