When a new recruit comes on "the job" it becomes the field training officer's duty to pass down the many
traditions of the agency to this new member.  
Milwaukee's Finest hopes to carry on that task and capture that
history and tradition through the photos and stories collected on these pages as told by the MPD's many
proud members.  
Milwaukee's Finest was created to preserve the rich tradition of this great agency by organizing this
information on its pages.  We are looking for past and present members to share your stories, comments, and
photos.  We are not perfect but through research and your help we will try to be as accurate on the facts
presented on these pages as possible.  This site is always a work in progress.  The Milwaukee Police
Department is made up of men and women who have great pride in their agency and it's great history.  Please
share that pride.
*Milwaukee's Finest is not affiliated with, nor connected in any way to the Milwaukee Police Department or any other related organization.

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Roll Call Board
December 15, 2012
ITEM 3:  

Fall out...and be safe!!!
District 5 Scrapbook.  We were contacted by retired Patrolman Larry Koralewski who
has provided the site a large amount of pictures of the men and women of District Five
from the 1970's.  This page will be getting updated over the next few months as Larry
continues to send in more photos.  If you worked at Five during this time or had family or
friends who worked there check out the page.  It is a rare glimpse into life on the MPD
during the decade of the 70's.  Just click on Larry's picture or on the highlighted link to get
there and enjoy the memories.
We have just received a series of pictures from retired Patrolman  
Jeff Gajewski, formerly of District 4 Early Shift from 1972-1978.  
He has shared with us some photos of the coppers he worked
with from the station on Silver Spring. Just click on Jeff's picture
enjoy the memories.
Our latest District to get a scrapbook is the Seventh
District.  Retired Police Officer Larry Biscobing has
provided us with pictures from the final days of the
old District Seven station house.  Click on the station
and travel back to the days before the wrecking ball
did what the neighborhood couldn't and took this old
station house down.